About Us

Choosing car insurance can be an overwhelming task.

• How much coverage do I need?

• Should I get liability only or comprehensive coverage?

• Is the policy I currently have truly a good deal?

To add to the confusion, there’s no shortage of advertisements for car insurance. Usually, each one claims their company offers the best car insurance at the cheapest rates. When things are confusing, it’s best to do your research so you can make a smart and informed decision. That’s where we come in. We tune out all the noise surrounding cheap car insurance and get real.

When you go grocery shopping, similar items are conveniently arranged side-by-side on shelves for easy comparison. It’s a no brainer to see which jar of peanut butter is the best deal when its competition is six inches away. But choosing which peanut butter to buy is hardly an important decision in life. We believe buying something as important as car insurance should be that simple too. That’s why we designed our site to be an unbiased display shelf that allows you to clearly and easily compare policies. By giving you the ability to comparison shop, our site takes the confusion out of shopping for cheap car insurance. The result? You’ll feel confident knowing you have the best coverage at the best price.